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No doubt about it, there is a buzz about Mishkin’s. It may be due to it’s location or the fact that it’s one of the few Jewish Delis around London.

The interior is all bare brick walls and low lighting, very much in keeping with the rest of the Russell Norman and Richard Beatty empire which include the ever popular Polpo, Polpetto, Spuntino and Da Polpo. Banquette seating and closely stacked formica topped tables, provide a one way ticket away from Covent Garden into a one of New York’s little hip hangouts. However, don’t expect authentic Kosher delicacies because one thing Mishkins isn’t is truly Jewish. Nevertheless, the intimate size and buzzing atmosphere means it is perfect for a fun mid-week bit en deux.


Once part of the notorious “no reservations” gang, Mishkin’s has now crossed to the other side sensibly taking bookings. There is no longer need therefore to spend endless time cramped at the bar in hope of getting a bite to eat before the last tube.

Foodwise, the menu is stripped down to the very basic classics of the which you’d expect to find in the Big Apple (including mac and cheese). Sandwiches also make up the majority of the selection complete with pastrami and salt beef staples. Burgers, large plates including meatloaf as well as small plates such as beef corn dogs & cranberry ketchup cater for big and small appetites alike. Depending on what you order, portions are fairly generous. Whilst the mac and cheese is not surprisingly a challenge, the fishcakes were a bit on the thin side, with a spoonful of beets and horseradish which was nowhere near enough to make two patties go down smoothly.  If you’re after something worth getting your teeth into, the sandwiches seem to be the thing to try, so a lunchtime date might be better suited unless you’re after a quick bite pre-theatre.mishkins_food

Perhaps it is due to the layout of the menu, or maybe simply through disorganised service, don’t be surprised if your small plates comes after your main meal and definatly be sure to order your wine with your first round of drinks if you want to enjoy it with your main. Ours came half way through and somewhat spoiled the way we enjoyed our food.
Talking of drinks, what really let the place down for us were the cocktails. The old fashioned tasted a little old hat, no rich whiskey high notes or bite to it whilst the Ezca Green Rose could have done with a few more Prosseco bubbles. At £7-8 a pop for a thimble of liquor we were reluctant to order another and waited to find somewhere else in the vicinity instead.


Like a lot of the fresh faced food joints on the London dining scene, Mishkin’s has a reputation due to it’s esoteric nature and is one to try if you’re in that neck of the woods. But if you’re after a cheap and cheerful trip to the east side New York, you might be better off saving up heading to the airport instead.




25 Catherine Street,

London, WC2B 5JS

Tel: 020 7240 2078


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