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Burger & Lobster

No doubt you’ll find a good few words about this place online already, just to add to it here’s our two cents!

Demand for Burger & Lobster still hasn’t dropped and for good reason too. With three branches under its belt across London already, it sure looks like business is going well for this casual dining joint. We arrived to the Soho branch on a Thursday night around 9pm for a late dinner and were still told there was an hour wait or if we were lucky we could grab a space at the bar, which we ended up doing. From the outside, B&L looks deceivingly small, but inside is a whole different story. A large marble top bar spreads along one side of the restaurant, whilst red banquettes, tables and chairs fill the rest of the venue, mounting to a good 100+ covers filled with buzzy diners. Warm, low lighting and dark woods still manage to create intimate surroundings. The high top bar seating catering perfectly for cosying up romantics, whilst large tables able to accommodate the more social butterflies.

Burger & Lobster bar

Failing to do our research beforehand, we asked for the menu…there is none. All you need to know are three things: burger, lobster and lobster rolls (all £20). Whilst you might be in the mood for a burger, the money is definitely on the lobster- which we both ordered. 1.5lb of goodness, either steamed (for the purists) or grilled. This comes with a good little side salad, and fries. The waiter might upsell you to a larger snapper but the portion is already large enough unless you’re looking to seriously fill up.

Burger & Lobster

As you break open the beautiful platter-served red lobster shell and pour over that lemon and garlic butter you’ll be hit with an immense sense of hedonism. The best part about this feeling is that it’s not costing you the earth.

No good feast is complete without copious drink to help wash it down. Much like the menu selection, the drinks list is basic but hit the spot in the same satisfying way. Tried and tested, we recommend a B&L Gin Fizz, complete with a sherbet-tasting thick frothy top.

Burger & Lobster

This place is perfect if you fancy something relaxed but different, with still enough swagger for a mid-week dinner dates. Whatever the time or company, make sure above all you both take an appetite, like most of the fast food restaurants that have pop around the motto needs to be “go big or go home”. Thinking about it, you’ll also want to take someone you don’t mind getting messy in front of as tucking into food tends to get a little ‘hands on’.

Judging by its popularity, there is never a quiet moment to visit, come in two and you’ll be queuing a lot less than a bigger group. Whatever the wait, once at the table you can both  certainly roll up your sleeves and dig in! If it all gets too much, head to Soho’s favorite 24hr coffee place Bar Italia afterwards for a damn strong espresso which will cut through that rich buttery lobster and provide you with kick to make the tube journey home.


The bill

Burger & Lobster

36 Dean Street

London, W1D 4PS

Tel: 020 7432 4800




Square Meal

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