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Bone Daddies

Dim Sum parlours and Ramen bars will continue to dominate 2013. Bone Daddies does it with good cause. Whilst Soho’s side streets may harbour a spattering of antiquated, greasy Asian/oriental themed restaurants. Bone Daddies breaks the mould.

Bone Daddies

Having opened its doors a few months ago, this no bookings central London eatery has already started to make its way round the foodie webosphere, and with good reason too. Always busy, always expect a wait but from the look of the happy diners perched on high stools in the restaurant and you’ll be happy to wait. Having visited early mid week, we only had a chance to take in our surroundings and have a glance at the drinks list before we were invited to sit down. Sharing tables make up most of the seating, so choose your seats carefully if you can as you might end up sitting closer to your neighbour than your date.

Soft shell crab Bone Daddies

Decor wise, jars of unidentified objects and science lab stools, safely conforms to that ‘contemporary restaurant’ look. Saying that its still stylised and branded nicely with plenty of gimmicky utensils and pots to entertain yourself with whilst waiting for your food to arrive.

Down to business and reading the cocktail list. There are only four on the menu but the mix of flavours are definitely complicated enough to make up for a tough decision. We opted for a Chuhai (pears, apples, shochu, soda water) and a Maiken-me (shochu, ume shu, watermelon, salt) both easy enough to drink along with our starter. You may come here for the noodles but you can not go home without trying the soft shell crab. Deliciously moist and wrapped in a light, crispy, batter along with a green chilli ginger sauce, this ‘“snack” earned its Soho postcode as a food porn dish and served in a generous portion it can easily be shared between you.

After out crab, cocktail glass dried up pretty quickly and not fancying ourselves as avid Sake drinkers, we opted for a bottle of red which hit the spot adequately given the limited choice of the list.

Tanamanen noodles bone Daddies

Down to the main, looking into everyone else’s plates seemed to be the easiest way to choose which dish to order from the menu. Served in a blue bowl, the Tantanmen was definitly the star dish out of our choices, a flurry of vibrant colours and flavours were packed together in a deliciously hearty chicken broth with sesame, chilli, pork mince and bok choy underneath a runny golden egg. Piping hot, and slurpingly messy, alternating between chopsticks and ladel made every mouthful a pleasure. The tonkotsu again boasted several layers of flavours. Amongst the vegetables were good slabs of pork sunken into a bowl full of deep broth. Unlike some watered down, tasteless broths found around town, Bone Daddies certainly don’t mess with flavours.

It might have been indulgence or sheer portion size, but we left Bone Daddies convincingly full, so much so that neither of us have craved noodles for over a month. We filled up the tank for a good while, but will definitely remember this place as a firm favourite should our taste buds tickle.


Bone Daddies


Bone Daddies

31 Peter St

London W1F 0AR
Tel: 020 7287 8581

Square Meal

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