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Bluebelles of Portobello

Anyone who says Britain doesn’t have a cafe culture has never been to Portobello road. Granted plazas and communal squares aren’t really part of the native populace (probably due to our two day summers), nevertheless this area still holds its own for breakfast, brunch or lunch spots.

Located at the north end of Portobello, Bluebelles cafe has successfully positioned itself amongst some of West London hotspots; Pizza East and Lowry & Baker (both equally worth visiting) and definitely gives its neighbours a run for their money. Combining shabby chic aesthetic, family friendly service with fresh, simple dishes the cafe is the perfect sanctuary for a rainy (or hungover) day.

BluebellesOpened last October you wouldn’t think that the paint had dried. But instead you’ll find a lived in, hospitable establishment. Mismatched tables mean the right spot to spread out with the weekend paper out or weather permitting, catch some sun sat at one of the few street side tables. Be sure to time your visit right or you’ll be dodging prams and toddlers.

When it comes to food and drink, Bluebelles gets it right.The coffee is smooth and busty. The tea range extensive. But above all it really is about the breakfast/brunch menu. Be it a eggs benedict or freshly baked goodies, old classics sit comfortably against the new and can wake up even the most sleepy morning tastebuds. Even though the formula though simple dishes such as bacon sarnies are hard to spoil, Bluebelles’ addition of artisan bread and slow roast tomato sauce make it fingerlicking good!


For smaller appetites, lighter options such as granola with greek yogurt and berry coulis still hold their own and the difference is definitely in the ingredients. Portion-size it is a little on the small side, so unless breakfast is normally off the cards, its best to order something else on the side. Soups and salads make up the lunch menu, which doesn’t quite catch the eye in the same way and for us timing the visit for a long lazy brunch seems the best option.

Bluebelles Portobello

Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing and amongst the “gourmet cafes” and tasteless tourist traps of the area, finding a place in West London which firmly grasps the sheer pleasure of a simple bacon sarnie rather than serving a limp and pallid panini can sometimes seem like mission impossible. Bluebelles has filled the gap and bolted itself down as a firm favourite in our books.



Bluebelles of Portobello

320 Portobello Road


W10 5RU

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