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The Lucky Pig

Providing the food and service is good, a restaurant can generally live up to expectations, yet bars seem to have bigger shoes to fill as they need to crowd control to get the atmosphere down to a tee. Fortunately The Lucky Pig has managed to hit the nail on the head- at least on the occasion we visited.

 The Lucky Pig

Tucked away in the basement of  a less known part of Fitzrovia, Lucky Pig provides the ultimate speakeasy sanctuary from the central London bar crawlers.  Keeping true to its style, the bar has an unmarked entrance so be sure to scout the area first if you’re planning to impress your date with this little in-the-know place. Once inside, the dark,moody, low-lit basement bar really sets the mood. To really up the romance, visit on a live music evening when the classics come out of their shell. Mis-matched armchairs, plush sofas, and tucked away alcoves, provide endless canoodling and subterranean mischief spots, however you can just as well take a seat around the bar if you don’t want to get too hot under the collar.


Romanticism aside, The Lucy PIg is all about the cocktails- and damn they are good. As a self confessed cocktail loving couple, we have dipped our straws in a fair few and this place is up there on the favourites list. The bar staff know their stuff and their skills are just as impressive as the collection of bottles behind them. Given the flow lighting, you might just want to ditch the menu and let the bartender know what flavours usually tickle your fancy. A few splashes, shakes and swirls will undoubtedly create a tasty concussion for you to wrap your lips around.

The Lucky Pig

Whilst many speakeasy bars around forget their essence and become cliched let downs ,Lucky Pig knows its worth without trying too hard. The cocktails are great, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere exactly what you’d expect. A true central London hit, blowing a breath of fresh air onto an old fashioned concept.


The Lucky Pig

The Lucky Pig

5 Clipstone Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 6BB
020 7436 0035

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