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Lowry & Baker

Whatever time of day, Notting Hill seems to evoke a feeling of excitement and chaos with its mix of shops, restaurants and bars and equally colourful residents. After a few hours trailing through the market, feeling the need to escape starts to settle in. Walking up through the hustle and bustle of disorientated tourists,Lowry & Baker provides the perfect nestling spot for brunch or lunch.

A quaint little cafe at the Golborne Road end of Portobello where only residents know to visit, Lowry & Baker is a cosy neighbourhood cafe full of charm and bustling with character. Mis-matched furniture, shared tables and an open kitchen, living room sized spot a homely feel. It’s a tight squeeze to find a seat but the freshly baked cakes and brewed Monmouth coffee served in vintage crockery can’t help but lure loyal crowds.

Lowry and Baker

Love of cooking speaks a million words when it comes to the menu; changing daily and always featuring classic, freshly prepared seasonal dishes, creates the perfect place for small or large appetites.

Choosing to brunch, we opted for sourdough bread topped with avocado, smoked salmon and a poached egg. All prepared in a makeshift kitchen space, with a cooker not much larger than those you’d use camping, the appearance and taste of our dish was an explosion of colour and flavour. Beautifully presented and even better tasting, the balance between the crunchy bread, freshly prepared avocado spread and gooyeness of the egg were a match made in heaven. Washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of freshly brewed coffee, simple pleasures in life like these are hard to top!

Whilst less knowing visitors to the area might have been queuing for some questionable street food further down the road, this little hidden gem truly deserves a mention in local guide books, but then again it might be too good to share! .


Lowry and baker











Lowry & Baker



339 Portobello Rd

London W10 5SA
Tel: 020 8960 8534

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