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It only takes finding a hidden gem a few steps from your front door to realise how vast London is and how easy it is to resort to the same old places because you haven’t been looking around.

We looked around and hit jackpot. Tucked away from Kensal Green’s popular Paradise, Parlour is a very welcome new addition to a very up and coming part of town.


With a substantial pub pedigree behind the owners, Parlour does watering hole very well with an extensive list of ales and with beers coming from Hackney to Hawaii as well as some tongue in cheek twists on the cocktail list (we heard the Notting Hill Gypsy is fairly popular). What this place does even better though is food. With an all day kitchen, Parlour can keep anyone satisfied from breakfast until dinner, each dish more mouthwatering and eye catching than the next. Best of all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


We nestled in for lunch at one of the retro marble top tables, trying to catch the warmth from the lit fireplace whilst ogling proceedings in the kitchens and generally taking in our surroundings. The attention to detail in decour gives this place a very welcoming feel from the moment you step foot inside. Like many restaurants du jour, Parlour embraces the shabby chic look, however cleverly recycles and innovates new ways of using old pieces of junk and clutter into something charming and new. The layout of the restaurant also accommodates families (which form most of the clientele at weekends) without compromising on cool factor, making it a pretty safe option for a dinner date any time of the day.


Regardless of being peckish or starving, the Brilliantly British menu deserves your full attention. The presentation of each dish creates serious food envy making it difficult to choose. Rolling a full all day service, three menus are also available depending on the time of day. It seems only appropriate that we pencil in another two sittings and try the whole menu!

photo-43Based on lunch, Parlour hit the nail on our head. Skipping breakfast but indecisive, we decided to try the Platter-of-Parlour’s-Pates & Pickles. Assuming we’d get a moderate block of pate with pickles, this baby surpassed every expectation. We received two full jars of homemade chicken and mushroom pates, as well as a generous scoop of salmon pate served in a tart tray. Ribbons of pickled root vegetables accompanied the feast in a long boat dish whilst a small loaf of warm soda bread was served on a wooden block together with fresh butter. If that wasn’t enough, soda bread crisp breads and palmier sticks seemed to come on auto refill in a retro tin. This platter proved that sometimes bigger is better, as every single part not only looked amazing but tasted just as good and with the generous portion size, it meant that this feast could last and even defeating us in end. There is nothing worse than eat somewhere and feeling hungry and by the looks of other dishes being served around us, every portion size is hearty.

Accompanied by two glasses of wine, great food and comfortable surroundings, Parlour offers everything needed for a long weekend lunch but don’t take our word for it go try it yourself!




5 Regent Street,

London, NW10 5LG

Tel: 020 8969 2184

Square Meal


3 comments on “Parlour

  1. Ella
    October 23, 2013

    You guys are great! Love the story of how you met and am off to the Parlour asap. Do you have an email I can contact you on?

  2. Fiona
    November 21, 2013

    I love your blog, came across it on Triptease! Great stuff.

    • atablefortwoblog
      November 21, 2013

      Thanks Fiona! Still have things to do on Triptease so keep an eye out!

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