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You’ll see a lot more of London if you simply just look up. You’ll see even more when you look down from SushiSamba. Coming from across the pond SushiSamba boasts a ‘unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, music and design’. It’s scrutinous approach to design has cemented SushiSamba as a credible brand with a tried and tested formula.

Atop of the Heron Tower, it boasts one of London’s best views. Stepping out of the Willy Wonka styled glass lift, you’ll be enthralled by the whole experience. Being at a nosebleed height, everything just seems that little bit more exciting.

Inside seems to adopt the form of a 21st century take of an opium den. Golden light showers the glitzy bar areas. Also on the terrace you’ll find a fake tree to rival your auntie’s plastic spider plant. Walking around, you’ll appreciate the rigorous emphasis they’ve given to exploiting the staggering view available. Large panoramic windows, the terrace, sprawling window seating and even in the toilet you’ll be spoiled by the cityscape before you.

Down to business…the cocktails. Some old classics have been given a trendy haircut and a pout. The Tonka Bean Old Fashioned, gives any Old Fashioned a run for it’s money. Frankly it tasted like liquid gold. An explosive mix of sweet and spicy ingredients, served with a flaming sugar cane. Dangerously easy to drink.


The Pablo Piscobar is said to ‘encapsulate the essence of Sushisamba’, compared to the later it was more on the sour/dry scale. Refreshing, although most certainly would have been better in warmer climes.

By this time already salivating at the prospect of food it seemed apt to order a generous assortment of sashimi and nigiri. Served on a slate which must have paid the wages of a small welsh town for a few months…it was an impressive sight. Elements of truffle paired with salmon hit all the right notes and left us wanting more. No doubt this was one of the finest displays of adapted Japanese cooking in London.


Set in the higher band of bar and restaurant pricing, this place sits firmly in the local banking nomenklatura. To avoid sitting on the fence, yes this place is a little more ‘yuppie’ than your usual Friday haunt. Then again, this place allows for intimate couples or smaller groups to be accommodated without having to hear the surrounding crowds conversations of digits and the latest Blackberry update.




38th-39th Floor,

Heron Tower,

110 Bishopsgate,



Square Meal

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