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Duck & Waffle

Adding altitude to anything can make the ordinary into the sublime. Drinking, eating, gazing and socialising is simply better at great heights.

Duck & Waffle have played on these factors. Being open 24hrs a day and being that little bit higher than SushiSamba it has definitely created its own hype. Waiting lists are still pretty extensive and there is no question that walking past those who turn up without one makes the trip a little bit more satisfying. Where you’re sat however still makes a big difference to your visit. Although the venue is pleasant enough with a shabby chic New York style decor, the view is really what everything is about. We were lucky enough to be sat on a table in one of the restaurant’s corners where we could both get lost in the breathtaking view or equally entertain ourselves by spotting landmarks whilst waiting for our dishes to arrive.

Duck & Waffle

Whilst many restaurants with height choose to equally rocket their prices, Duck & Waffle have created a menu which doesn’t break the bank but definitely brings something different to the table. An early start meant ordering coffee was the main priority. Sadly, the service didn’t see it the same way as us. Although charmed by the view, the coffees did take rather an uncomfortably long time. Once arrived however they hit the spot together with the freshly squeezed orange juice.

Down to business, we tackled the food. Despite being split into three time frames- breakfast, brunch and all day, the menu seems to match the 24 hour opening hours mixing light plates with heavy dishes. For brunch, obvious choices such as english breakfast and colombian eggs were almost lost amongst interesting if not questionable dishes such as bbq-spiced crispy pig ears and fois gras “all day breakfast” (with nutella). There is no doubt that the heavy menu at Duck and Waffle is definitely aimed to either cure a hefty appetite or a serious hangover. Not mastering either, we opted for the colombian eggs with salmon and the smoked finnan haddock.

Duck & Wafle

The colombian eggs were as to be expected but nothing out of the ordeinary. The egg well poached with some good quality salmon on the side, however they lacked the kick which we would have expected from the chilli. The haddock was definitely more of a lunch dish than breakfast, served with a creamy mustard sauce, nevertheless the spring onion hash browns perfectly complimented the fish and the poached egg added well to a substantial dish.

Despite waffles in the name, Duck & Waffle are thin on the ground when it comes to dessert options as each sweet dish is a main in its own right (spicy ox cheek doughnut with apricot jam) so with not enough room let in our stomaches, it was time to settle the bill and take in the view one last time.

Duck and waffle


Whilst it may be tricky to get a walkin table, Duck & Waffle’s bar accommodates discerning cocktail lovers very comfortably. So if you’re in the area and fancy an old fashioned at an altitude, pretend you have a reservation and head up to the 40th floor!


duck & waffle

Duck & Waffle

40th Floor,

Heron Tower,

110 Bishopsgate,



Tel: +44 203 640 7310

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3 comments on “Duck & Waffle

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  2. indjagar
    May 18, 2013

    The food looks great, too bad no pictures of the view 😦

    Definitely need to try this place out once I’m back in London.

    • atablefortwoblog
      May 18, 2013

      You’ll have to go visit to see what the view is like, we didn’t want to give too much away 🙂

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