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Casa Morita

Brixton’s Market Row undeniably spoils for choice. Playing host to Franco Manca, Salon, Seven and many other South London elites. The buzz surrounding South American food still hasn’t really died down, quite rightly Casa Morita holds it’s head high above the lesser high street alternatives by not dubbing their menu as ‘street food’ and selling small quantities of food for a wrongly inflated price (it’s pretty 2012).


Decked out simply with an eclectic mix of Mexican trinkets and earrings, this place has no pretences. Seating wise it’s nicely snug, inviting people to chat with others. Simplicity and authenticity are at the heart of Casa Morita’s rationale. You’ll find the menu moderately priced, with robust comforting dishes. Sat with a glass of red you’ll enjoy the pleasure of watching the kitchen delve into great bubbling pots of Mexican sustenance .

image-3 Both ravenous by the above display we ordered Cochinita Pibil (each). Pulled pork, spicy marinated onions, rice, two soft tortillas and of course refried beans. A great comforting grouping of flavours and ingredients, in a hearty gut-rubbing portion. The bottle of South American red welcomely cut through the deep flavours. Expectedly we were left stuffed and satisfied, however our arm was still twisted for a slice of date cake which was as decadent as its ingredients.


Casa Morita offers a welcome alternative to the lard ridden “Mexican” restaurants around town. The food is hearty without being slathered in cheese and grease and with its cosy setting makes a good option for a midweek dinner treat.



Casa Morita

9 Market Row,



Square Meal

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