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Tanner & Co

School memories are to some, sacred. For others they are just that…memories. However, whether you like it or not they’ll creep up on you. We’ve all had that cold-sweat inducing dream of turning up to school in your underwear. Miraculously, decked out like a school gym – Tanner & Co have managed to capture that feeling in the awkward decor on the site of what was Delfina.

A nod to Bermondsey Street’s past has been given with the name, although that’s about it. Everything else seems rather tenuous when you actually delve into Southwark’s rich history. Stepping inside you’ll see that an interior designer has ingeniously mixed the steampunk sub-genre with a BBC set from Grange Hill.

Tanner & Co

Seeing a well stocked bar gave us some hope. Although, after ordering an Old Fashioned and an Aperol Spritz this soon vanished. Frankly, we’ve had better cocktails made in ‘dry’ countries. The spritz was made with some awful cava (no ice or slice of orange) and the Old Fashioned was somewhat thin and watery.

Tanner & Co

The empty restaurant made us choose lightly. Choosing a Salmon Sandwich ‘packed lunch’ and a Celeriac Salad. The Salmon Sandwich was sparsely filled and served on unnoteworthy sourdough. The fries managed to save the situation slightly. We were hoping for some sort of novelty value in the ‘packed lunch’. However it disappointed like the soggy sandwiches found in our lunch boxes at school. The Celeriac Salad albite very small was nicely seasoned, fresh and simple.

Tanner & Co

Totting up the bill in our heads while still very much unsatisfied, we chose to skip dessert and coffee. Like the first day of term Tanner & Co has someway to go and of course will have to make efforts to avoid a wedgie from the bigger boys on Bermondsey Street. In honesty, the food isn’t that unsettling, after all there are numerous establishments with blander dishes…it’s really the decour. The completely fabricated interior would sit comfortably with the London Dungeon experience. Although, without the fun of the out of work actor giving you a grope.


Tanner & Co

Tanner & Co

50 Bermondsey Street


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3 comments on “Tanner & Co

  1. Linda and Adriana
    June 14, 2013

    Great review, is it true that you only pay the amount you think the food is worth?

    • atablefortwoblog
      June 14, 2013

      Hi, Thanks for reading! As far as we know that wasn’t the case.

      • Linda and Adriana
        June 14, 2013

        ah my mistake, the ‘pay what you want’ offer only ran for 5 days back in may, I guess for publicity. So we’re crossing this place off the list then!

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