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We still live in a culture where buying expensive pieces of meat in bulk equates to noteworthy dining. The steak and the burger have recently been brought to the front of the queue in popular dining. Not really for any particular reason, although it would appear that they provide a perfectly good vehicle for gimmicks and quirks.

Tramshed appeared last year as another page to Mark Hix’s extensive portfolio. Situated on the desirable Rivington street. Tramshed sits ominously amongst the other buildings. Behind its door is no less of a sight. Almost floor to ceiling white tiles, long spanning bar and of course the lesser spotted Damien Hirst cock and bull sits above your head.


Echoing and like sitting in an abattoir it is probably advisable to sit at the bar to dine. The service is warm and well versed in the right things to say. Advice on the food and wine is given freely and in a well educated manner.

The main menu is made of only two items: Chicken or Steak. Mark Hix had obviously been a fan of Monty Python’s ‘Spam Sketch’ when designing this menu. Saying that there is a good quality of seasonal starters and sides available.


In ordering we full heartedly trusted the waiter’s instructions and went for the 500g sirloin (with fries) to share, with some seasonal vegetables to accompany it. Incredibly promptly the big slab of meat arrived at our table, asking for it rare it was indeed bursting with juices. Cutting through the steak a fantastic crimson colour appeared from under the well seasoned surface. Accompanying the steak was a rich and buttery bearnaise sauce, it was perfect. However, less of a pleasure we’re the fries; cold, limp and slightly soggy. A bit of a let down.

To loosen our pallets from the total carnivorous experience a good amount of wine was drunk, starting with a great ruby red – Spanish Tempranillo. It gave a much needed berry burst to complement the reams of fat from the steak. Halfway through the steak, another bottle was needed. This time Tramshed Red, a bit more gutsy than the later but perfectly rounded off the meal. In all a fantastic wine list with no added pretences.

Finally finishing the meal off with Ronnie’s Apple Pie; custard, pastry and apples. Can’t fault it.


We would have to put a long line of steaks before Tramshed‘s if asked to put them in noteworthy order (Flat Iron probably reigning undisputed). But then again Tramshed is not essentially a steak restaurant. Tramshed confuses, it brands itself ‘simple’ and ‘unfussy’ but then adorns it staff in trendy t-shirts and fills the place with the contents of a Berlin art gallery. Sadly, it seems a case that either the food or the decor carries the other.




32 Rivington Street,



Square Meal

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