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The Anthologist

City workers need their playground. Somewhere where they can loosen the tie, enjoy some great food, drink and dance the night away. Whilst a number of City bars fill that gap, they tend to put off anyone who isn’t in the “it crowd” or who isn’t hunting for a rich partner. One group who has successfully managed to lift the barrier has been Drake and Morgan. The group, currently owning six city based restaurant and bars with a new one set to open next month, have created all day venues which accommodate, business meetings, dates or team drinks all under one roof.

the anthologist

Having heard about The Anthologist from a friend (who should have a loyalty card for the amount of time she visits the Bank restaurant) we decided to visit for a bite to eat. We clocked the restaurant from the large group of punters outside and frankly were a little put off by the loud music blasting from inside. Friday night is certainly not a quiet one in the area, whilst the bar side of the restaurant was heaving with after work drinkers, the dining area seemed a lot more relaxed and inviting with candle lit tables and a buzzing open kitchen on the far side. We decided to honour our pre- reserved table ( annoying a few impromptu diners who were told waiting time was over an hour)  and followed the waiter to a cosy table for two by the window. Although on the other side of the restaurant, we could still hear the up tempo music from the bar, which was the only downfall to the whole evening.

the anthologsit

We were shown the menu, which just like the restaurant aims to cater for every appetite. Sharing boards were flying around from table to table and seemed to be a popular choice, we wanted to work our way through the menu so decided to choose some starters to being with.  Well portioned, the starters, kicked things off well. The tempura crispy squid was cooked to perfection in a nice light batter, whilst the lobster and parmesan croquettes had a nice flavour without being greasy.  Mains followed, which again hit the spot although the burger definitely won over the sesame salmon. With little room for dessert, we opted for the raspberry creme brulee to share, which most definitely passed the crack test.

afterlight (5)

Drinks also don’t fall short. The menu presents a variety of cocktails for all tastes beautifully presented and full of flavour. For those counting calories or simply needing an excuse to double their intake, tipples can also be served “skinny”- rejoice all on the 4:2!

With something for everyone, every budget, every group size and every occasion- it seems that The Anthologist have just about thought of EVERYTHING! Let’s hope nothing changes..apart from the volume of the music.

The Anthologist

58 gresham street


ec2v 7bb

Square Meal

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